Christian Resistance Pt 1

Mar 23, 2023 by

by Campbell Campbell-Jack, A Grain of Sand: A Rival Religion We repeatedly witness new, alarming, and sometimes bizarre examples of woke culture. From demands that free speech be curtailed for fear someone’s feelings are hurt, to...

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Revolutionary Language

Mar 18, 2023 by

by Campbell Campbell-Jack, A Grain of Sand: If you want to change a society, the most efficient way is not with guns and tanks but with a dictionary. Progressives know the power of language and they prioritise it in their efforts to...

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Is France too sexy for the trans wars?

Mar 17, 2023 by

By Kathleen Stock, Unherd. A bit like Napoleon, radical transactivism is moving swiftly and imperviously across Europe. Blithe to the consequences for women, lesbians, and gay men, pan-European LGBT organisations such as ILGA Europe are...

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Transgenderism Must Be Eradicated

Mar 11, 2023 by

By Declan Leary, American Conservative. –They may indeed be coming for your kids. But in the end, they are coming for reality.– The world is unhappy with Michael Knowles. From the mainstage at CPAC earlier this week, the Daily...

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British Parliament introduces first “thought-crime” into UK law

Mar 8, 2023 by

Press release,  ADF UK. WESTMINSTER, LONDON (7th March 2023) – Members of Parliament have approved the introduction of censorship zones (also known as “buffer zones”) outside of abortion facilities across England and Wales. Clause 10...

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A deep dive into wokism

Mar 6, 2023 by

Book review by Margaret Hickey, Mercatornet.     Awake not Woke, by Noelle Mering, TAN Books USA. At this point, one might well ask: what more is there to say or write about the incoherence, dogmatism and belligerence of the woke...

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