Unifying and renewing a divided life: bridging the divide

Nov 27, 2020 by

from Christian Concern: As the West gradually drifts from its Christian roots, how can we reconnect society not just with a personal salvation, but an all-encompassing Christian worldview that reaches every area of life? In part two of this new series by Joe Boot, Joe explains how the West has turned back to paganism throughout history. Last week, we looked at the root of the divide that society has created between a personal salvation through Jesus Christ and an all-encompassing worldview of...

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The Great Reset, or Great Repression?

Nov 23, 2020 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: Many are sounding the alarm about globalist technocracy and the Great Reset: No genuine Christian believes that mere man can establish heaven on earth. He has both Scripture and history fully informing him that such attempts always end up as hell on earth. Yet folks keep on trying. Mankind has always sought to set up an earthly utopia without the heavenly God. This goes all the way back to our first parents in the garden, and then the Tower of Babel. Marxism,...

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It’s time the Women and Equalities Committee was replaced

Nov 10, 2020 by

by Rebecca Lowe, Radical, from Conservative Home: We need to talk about the Women and Equalities Committee. Just take its name, for a start! The ‘women’ part incites ire both from those who find it patronising (“we’re 50 per cent of the population!”), and those who find it exclusionary (“what about men?”, “what about trans men?”, “why isn’t there a BAME committee, then?”). Whereas the ‘equalities’ part is symptomatic of the confused nature of state discussion of such matters: why the plural?...

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This Explains What Is Happening

Nov 3, 2020 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: Romans 1 fully explains where we are at today: How do we understand what is happening in the world – especially the political, cultural, moral and spiritual decline we see taking place all over the West? Plenty of explanations could be offered here, and most would likely have some elements of truth. Here I will focus on a biblical and spiritual assessment. […]  But I want to look further at a main explanation for all the frightful things we find...

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Religious liberty in the age of data surveillance and soft totalitarianism

Oct 14, 2020 by

by James Bradshaw, MercatorNet: Rod Dreher’s new book, already a bestseller on Amazon, examines the erosion of religious freedom in the West and draws valuable lessons from the faithful who survived under Communist oppression. Live Not By Lies is Rod Dreher’s widely-anticipated follow-up to The Benedict Option. Since the publication of The Benedict Option in 2017, the Louisiana-based writer has risen to become one of the world’s most important social and religious commentators. While his...

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Naming but not shaming. Fighting back against ‘Cancel Culture’.

Oct 8, 2020 by

by Gavin Ashenden; […]  ‘Cancel culture’ is a new phrase. It’s only been around two or three years. It represents something as horrible as it is dangerous. It involves the mob closing someone down, and taking away either their freedom to speak, their job or their place in society. What is so odd about it is that we have become sharply concerned as a society about hate and bullying. You would think that if there was any consistency around, anything that acted as a weapon for bullying and...

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