The Nones: Education without Divinity or Selfhood

Aug 22, 2019 by

by R J Snell, Public Discourse: If questions of ultimate meaning and purpose are shuttled to the side, as they are in so many of our schools and colleges, the various disciplines and domains of knowledge can never attain a unifying vision. The statistics indicate that there are as many Americans with no religion as there are Evangelicals or Catholics. Those with weak or “cultural” religious identity are rapidly disappearing. The rise of those without religion—the “Nones”—is now well-documented...

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Marriage, Religion, Religion and the Public Square How the Rise in Unreligious Americans affects Sex and Marriage: Comparative Evidence from New Survey Data

Aug 20, 2019 by

by Mark Regnerus, Public Discourse: Permissive sexual attitudes and practices have not stimulated the religious revival many Christians believe the extremes of Sexual Revolution will inspire. There is no evidence of it in the data. On the contrary: Christians seem to grow more complicit—or at least more quiet about their misgivings—by the year. Growth in the number of Americans who profess no religious affiliation cannot but affect the institution of the family, built as it is on the marital...

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The Rise of the Nones

Aug 19, 2019 by

by Nathaniel Peters, Public Discourse: The rise in numbers of people with no religious affiliation reflects the emergence of a new faith rather than a loss of faith altogether. As America’s religious norm changes from Christianity to therapeutic deism and spiritualized progressivism, we will find more people challenging longstanding protections of human dignity and religious liberty. Roughly one fifth of Americans, and one third of young Americans, are what the Pew Research Center has dubbed...

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The Legacy of Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Aug 11, 2019 by

by Joseph Pearce, The Imaginative Conservative: Solzhenitsyn: The Historical-Spiritual Destinies of Russia and the West by Lee Congdon (164 pages, Northern Illinois University Press, 2017). This December will mark the centenary of the birth of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It is, therefore, good to see the publication of a book which encapsulates Solzhenitsyn’s intellectual engagement with the twentieth century through an integration of his corpus into its historical, political, philosophical, and...

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We Killed God, Family, And Community — And Now It’s Killing Us

Aug 10, 2019 by

By Thane Bellomo, The Federalist: Once upon a time, you had meaning. You knew you had meaning because you had a mom and a dad who told you so, a God who loved you, and a community that needed you. Once upon a time, if something happened to you, a significant number of people would mourn your death — not only because you were a good person and a good friend, but also because the community would suffer without your presence and skills. Now, the vast majority of people can barely count on one...

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Why Britain needs Christian politics

Aug 9, 2019 by

by Christopher Rhodes, UnHerd: Even if the result of the Tory leadership race was never really in doubt, the campaign had some interesting moments. One came when Jeremy Hunt was grilled on his comments that, based on “matters of conscience”, he would prefer a narrowing of the window in which British women could have an abortion. Hunt’s view seems grounded in his faith – he’s a devout member of the Church of England – but he was quick to clarify that he would not seek to change the existing...

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