Getting married outdoors or at home could be legalised in England and Wales under new proposals

Sep 4, 2020 by

by Clare Sibthorpe, Sky News: The Law Commission says the Marriage Act of 1836 is outdated and out of line with the modern approaches of Scotland and Ireland. Couples in England and Wales could be allowed to marry outdoors, in their own homes and even virtually under new proposals. The Law Commission of England and Wales wants legally binding wedding locations to include beaches, parks, private gardens, cruise ships and the outdoor spaces of licensed venues. Currently, couples can only marry...

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‘Admit it, marriage is best for everyone’ top think tank tells Govt

Sep 2, 2020 by

from Coalition for Marriage: A leading think tank has called on the Government to “stop pretending” marriage makes no difference to children and parents by “blurring the distinction” with cohabitation. In Family Structure Still Matters, a new report released in August, the Centre for Social Justice reviews the evidence from numerous scientific studies to show the “dramatically different outcomes” for children and parents that marriage brings. The authors...

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We should be hearing more about the ‘marriage gap’

Aug 28, 2020 by

by Tamara El-Rahi, Mercatornet: Have the benefits of marriage become a middle-class secret? Why should only the middle and upper classes enjoy the advantages of marriage as opposed to cohabitation? This is among questions posed by a recent Centre of Social Justice UK report called “Family Structure Still Matters.” With married parents twice as likely to stay together than cohabiting ones, their kids can benefit from numerous advantages of this stability – such as avoiding mental health issues...

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No surprise – marriage is still best for society

Aug 23, 2020 by

by Rebekah Moffett, Christian Concern: A report from The Centre for Social Justice, Family Structure Still Matters, provides a new close analysis of the correlation between family structure and the outcomes for children and parents. The report reveals that marriage seems to be the middle classes’ best kept secret – one that improves children’s school performance, supports their physical and mental health, and leads to more stable relationships in the future. The report has found that even...

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England’s Courtney Lawes: “Marriage is the answer to family instability”

Aug 19, 2020 by

from C4M: In a career as a rugby lock forward, Courtney Lawes will have had more than his fair share of hard knocks. But he may have been a little surprised at the ferocity of the backlash he received in June when he suggested being “preferably married before having kids” would help with child poverty. Unfazed, the England international is now tackling Government ministers over their reluctance to highlight the benefits of marriage. In an article for The Sunday Telegraph the 31-year-old...

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The Future of Christian Marriage

Aug 18, 2020 by

by Collin Hansen and Mark Regnerus, The Gospel Coalition: You’ve probably noticed that the views toward and practices of marriage have changed. But how? And how do Christian views and practices differ? That’s what Mark Regnerus set out to discover in a global study of Christians from across denominations. You’ll find the results in his new book, The Future of Christian Marriage, published by Oxford University Press. Mark is a professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin and...

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