China: Exclusive briefing on targeting of house churches amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Sep 23, 2020 by

from CSW: CSW has today published a new briefing containing extracts and analysis from an exclusive report by an experienced China researcher into the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on unregistered Protestant ‘house’ churches in China. Although the report author’s identity is known to CSW, it cannot be made public due to the threat of reprisals. Three  case studies are examined, including a police raid on Xingguang Church, an unregistered church in Xiamen, Fujian Province, and a crackdown...

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Nobody seems to care and we are losing hope: Archbishop laments loss of 1,000 lives in Nigeria

Sep 21, 2020 by

by Chris Sugden, Virtueonline: Nigerian Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi said he was losing hope because 1,000 lives had been lost in the past 12 months, as nomadic Muslim Fulani Herdsmen with guns and knives had launched attacks on villages populated by Christian farmers to force the Christian communities off their land. The Federal Government of Nigeria had failed to disarm these herdsmen and it was even suggested that President Buhari, himself from the Fulani community, was supporting their land...

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“The Scene was Horrific”: Persecution of Christians, August 2020

Sep 20, 2020 by

by Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute: “If we report these cases, the offenders get away with it by apologising and saying that they did it in an unconscious way. Should a Christian do something similar, he is immediately accused of blasphemy and the local Christian community is guilty by association. They rape our women, kill our people, destroy or burn our properties…. [All] we want is for our constitution and the law to treat us as equals, with justice, and for the guilty to...

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Hundreds killed in anti-Christian atrocities in Ethiopia – please help the victims

Sep 10, 2020 by

from Barnabas Fund: “They came to my home and began to knock on our door violently. We tried to escape with our children via the window. They burned my home and grain mill business. But with the kindness of God, I have been able to save my children from being burnt.” This was the testimony of Mrs Eniye Cheru, whose family survived when the Christians of Derra town in Ethiopia were attacked in the early hours of 30 June. But hundreds of other Christians, from a wide span of ethnic groups, were...

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Asia Bibi pleads with Pakistani government to help kidnapped Christian girls

Sep 9, 2020 by

From Christian Today: The Pakistani Government is being urged to help Christian girls abducted, raped and forced to marry their captors. Asia Bibi, the Christian woman who spent nearly a decade on death row for blasphemy, is calling on the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan to take action following the high profile kidnappings of Huma Younus and Maira Shahbaz, both 14. “I know that these girls are being persecuted and I appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, please...

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Leftist Hate-Lister SPLC Gets National Scrutiny

Aug 27, 2020 by

by Lela Gilbert, FRC: It’s well known that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has a long record of hate-listing Christian and conservative organizations that do not agree with their ultra-liberal point of view. They have particularly focused on Family Research Council for strongly defending life issues and for disputing the LGBT’s radical agenda. But this week, some very positive steps were taken to combat SPLC’s unjust attacks. First, fifteen members of the U.S. House of...

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