Public Lecture by Primate Henry Ndukuba – 26 July 2024 on The church’s response to persecution in Nigeria

Jul 13, 2024 by

From: Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life.   Archbishop Henry Ndukuba, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) will give a  public lecture by zoom on Friday 26th July at 1100 (UK time GMT+1) His topic will be...

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Nigeria terror attacks shut down 70 churches

Jul 12, 2024 by

By Andrew Boyd, from Anglican Ink. Terrorists in Nigeria who are targeting and burning churches have forced one leading denomination to shut down 70 of its congregations in Plateau State. Continuing attacks in Mangu and Bokkos counties...

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Nigeria: Terror attacks force denomination to close 70 churches

Jul 11, 2024 by

from Christian Today: Terrorist attacks have forced a denomination to close 70 churches in central Nigeria’s Plateau state, while in the country’s northwest, Christians are celebrating the release of a kidnapped priest. The...

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Alarming attacks against Christians and Jews in Dagestan, Russia

Jul 9, 2024 by

By Antonio Graceffo, Mercator. On Sunday, 26 May 2024, Islamic gunmen stormed an Orthodox Christian church in Russia’s Dagestan Republic, killing 66-year-old Father Nikolai. Simultaneously, attacks were launched against churches and...

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ISIS Moves on Uganda: Islamic Militants Threaten Christian Majority Countries

Jul 5, 2024 by

by Uzay Bulut, Gatestone Institute: June 16 marked the one-year anniversary of a sickening terror attack at a Christian boarding school in western Uganda, in which Islamist terrorists murdered 42 people. On June 16, 2023, the Islamist...

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The relentless persecution of Christians in Latin America

Jul 3, 2024 by

By Antonio Graceffo, Mercator. When considering the persecution of Christians, we often think of the Middle East, Africa, or communist regimes in Asia. However, there is a growing trend of persecution in Latin America, where Christians...

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