The Biden Administration Has Created a Humanitarian Crisis and Potential Genocide in Afghanistan

Sep 3, 2021 by

by Mike Pompeo, ACLJ: […]  The other tragic side effect of this poorly executed withdrawal has been the Taliban’s persecution of Afghan Christians, which is now only just beginning.  There are at least as many Christians in Afghanistan today as there are stranded Americans. Given that many of them are Muslim converts – a crime punishable by death under the dictates of Shariah Law which the Taliban has openly embraced – the possibility of there being a genocide against Christians in the...

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Rescue Afghan Christians

Aug 25, 2021 by

from Voice for Justice UK: SIGN PETITION HERE Under Islam, conversion is regarded as apostasy and punishable by death.  As a result, in Afghanistan converts have tended to exercise their faith in secret, so that it is difficult to know the true size of the Christian community.  Estimates vary from between 1,000 to 20,000 believers.  But what is known is that, since 2001 – under Western protection, no matter how inadequate – the numbers have increased. It is certain that as the Taliban now...

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Taliban going door-to-door searching for Christians, inspecting phones for Bible apps

Aug 24, 2021 by

by Ryan Foley, Christian Post: As the Taliban continue to gain control of Afghanistan following the pullout of U.S. troops, leaders of the underground Christian church are warning of the implications for religious minority groups in the country. In a statement released Tuesday, the leader of the underground church ministering to Christians in Afghanistan and the founder of the nonprofit organization Global Catalytic Ministries, who goes by the alias Pastor X, provided a “first-hand ground...

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Afghanistan: Thousands facing religious persecution

Aug 22, 2021 by

from GB News: ‘There are lots of other minorities in Afghanistan right now. But to be honest, for around two years they have been in hiding…they’ve seen the end game coming.’ Ryan Christopher, from the Alliance Defending Freedom UK, tells GB News Host Neil Oliver of the danger thousands are facing in Afghanistan. Watch here

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‘The situation in Afghanistan is a faith gone terribly wrong’

Aug 21, 2021 by

from GB News: Colin Brazier speaks to Bishop Michael Nazir Ali on the future for religious minorities under Sharia Law in Afghanistan. Watch here Please right-click links to open in a new window.

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Make no mistake – the planet is locked in spiritual war

Aug 20, 2021 by

from Voice for Justice UK With all the fears in Afghanistan for women, and for those who have worked with US and Nato forces and are in terror of almost certain reprisals, one highly vulnerable group remains almost unnoticed, and yet it faces clear and certain persecution as the Taliban consolidate their hold.  That group is, of course, the Afghan Christian community and, indeed, it is already reported that leaders of underground house churches have received letters from the Taliban, warning...

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