What C. S. Lewis Got Wrong About the Cursing Psalms

Mar 22, 2023 by

By Trevin Wax, The Gospel Coalition. C. S. Lewis got a lot of things right. He also got a few things wrong. And when Lewis was wrong, he was really wrong. One of the places he was off was in how he viewed the imprecatory or “cursing”...

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We don’t need a law against silent prayer

Mar 9, 2023 by

by Baroness O’Loan, TCW: WE ARE all familiar with certain laws in force in the UK which are so absurd we assume someone must be sharing a bad joke. The Licensing Act 1872 prohibits people from being drunk in a pub. Thankfully, the...

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‘Sad day’ as MPs back abortion clinic buffer zones nationwide with protections for silent prayer

Mar 8, 2023 by

from Christian Today: MPs last night moved forward with plans to impose buffer zones around abortion clinics across England and Wales. The House of Commons voted 299 to 116 against an amendment introduced by Andrew Lewer MP to protect...

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Isabel Vaughan-Spruce arrested again for silent prayer

Mar 7, 2023 by

from Alliance Defending Freedom: “You’ve said you’re engaging in prayer, which is the offense.” “Silent prayer.” “You were still engaging in prayer, which is the offense.” Police wrongly...

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Book of prayer for the coronation of King Charles III published

Mar 2, 2023 by

from The Church of England: The Church of England is calling for a period of prayer leading up to the Coronation and has released a book of Daily Prayers for the Coronation of King Charles III. Running from Easter Day (April 9) for 28...

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What’s wrong with the House of Bishops’ proposed same-sex prayers?

Mar 1, 2023 by

by Martin Davie, Christian Today: Unless you have been cut off from all news feeds for the past few weeks you will be aware of the controversy about the proposal that the House of Bishops brought to the Church of England’s General...

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