New President: implications

Feb 1, 2021 by

Joe Biden’s Presidency has implications for bible-believing Christians. Analysis and comment, most recent at the top: Biden: Fundamentally Trans-forming America by Tony Perkins, FRC: ‘Biden is the most “pro-transgender president in history”–easily beating out eight years of Barack Obama on Day 1. Within hours, he’d thrown down the gauntlet on the military, schools, federal agencies, and any other workplace with a legitimate reason to respect the biological...

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HuffPost blaming Christian curriculum for Capitol riots is slanderous

Jan 29, 2021 by

by By Adam Rondeau, Emory Thompson, and Angel Parrish, Christian Post: Recently the Huffington Post ran an article that was extremely hostile to Christian education here in the United States. The overall implication of the article was that the January 6 rioting at the Capitol building was directly tied to the government allowing and possibly funding conservative Christian education in the US.  Specific curricula were cited and quoted (specifically, A-Beka, Bob Jones and Accelerated Christian...

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Christian Conservative On Knife’s Edge

Jan 19, 2021 by

By Rod Dreher, The American Conservative: I received a version of this letter from a reader today. I asked him if he would rewrite it to take some specific identifying information out (to protect himself and his family), so I could publish it. He did, and so I share it with you. I think it’s very powerful: […] Last year, I began to see something that I had not seen before. This came after I read your book, Live Not by Lies. I saw that the church in America was not faithfully serving God...

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‘Whataboutism’ Is a Mark of Foolishness

Jan 18, 2021 by

by Brett McCracken, The Gospel Coalition: Whataboutism turns the tables in an argument by responding to one accusation by deflecting to something else egregious, even if unrelated: “Yeah, well what about ______?” In the world of logical fallacies it’s a form of a false dichotomy and closely related to bothsidesism—another tactic of turning attention away from one wrong by suggesting another side is equally guilty of similar wrongs. We see whataboutism every day (probably every minute) on...

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The one true light

Jan 13, 2021 by

By Phil Ashey, American Anglican Council: […] The failure of discipleship among Christians has been a well-documented scandal by George Barna and others when surveying, comparing, and contrasting the lives of Christians and non-Christians.  Dallas Willard called it, “The Great Omission,” the failure of the church to make disciples who actually reflect the image of God for “Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did” (1 John 2:16 NIV). Instead, we mimic the ways of the world.  With...

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The Office: The Lack and the Lackeys

Jan 11, 2021 by

By Stephen Noll: Two days ago, I posted a piece urging that Donald Trump should be removed from office as President of the United States (in a postscript, I deferred to the view that the time may be too short for a proper impeachment process and that his resignation or confinement would be preferable). I got some blowback to my essay. There were two main charges, so far as I can see. One charge was that I was angry at Donald Trump. Sure, who wouldn’t be angry and grieved over the damage he has...

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