Childless by choice – the West’s future

Aug 3, 2020 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman:

THEY’RE not even pretending any more. Confronted with a future of an ageing population with not enough children to renew the workforce and pay the taxes to keep the show on the road, rather than wondering what we might do urgently to boost family life, they celebrate it as a victory for women’s liberation and contemplate how much we will have to increase immigration to compensate. ‘They’ being the politicians, quangos, commentators, broadcasters and business leaders – the increasingly unrepresentative ‘liberal’ elite who tell us how to think and make our decisions for us.

A recent BBC feature on the demographic crisis facing developed nations, purporting to quote what ‘the experts say’, went to just one, the pro-immigration Professor Ibrahim Abubakar, who declared: ‘If these predictions are even half accurate, migration will become a necessity for all nations and not an option. To be successful we need a fundamental rethink of global politics. The distribution of working-age populations will be crucial to whether humanity prospers or withers.’

Is suppressing the birth rate while redistributing the global working-age population now government policy? If it isn’t, that can only be because they are unaware of the consequences of their actions. A ‘Conservative’ government elected on (yet another) promise to cut immigration proposes a business-friendly immigration system that all but guarantees a large increase in immigration as it removes the cap, lowers the qualifications, introduces new routes and abolishes the preference for British workers.

Despite supposedly being oriented to the concerns of new ‘red wall’ Tory voters, this is not a government that is showing any understanding of the worries of ordinary families at the scale of demographic change and population growth and the economic and social pressures that come with it. When that same government makes divorce and abortion even easier than they already are, driving down the birth rate and undermining family life, you have to wonder if they’re doing it on purpose. Or is it just the unintended consequences of the supine surrender of the Conservative Party to the cultural Left?

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