Childlessness won’t save the world, it will destroy it

May 17, 2019 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman:

RECENTLY I attended a conference where one of the speakers, a young woman, told us that she, like a number of her friends, was choosing not to have children because of the impact on the environment.

Aside from this declaration being irrelevant to her topic (I wondered why she felt a need to signal her virtue in this way), it made me sad to think that so many young women – and I gather this attitude is increasingly common – are choosing to deprive themselves of one of life’s great experiences and joys.

It is doubly sad when I think of the number of couples I know who have struggled to have children of their own.

I just hope she doesn’t come to regret it – when she reaches her dotage, perhaps, and finds, by choice and not misfortune, she has no family to brighten it.

We might also wonder why those like her who refrain from having children for environmental reasons don’t instead adopt children, whose environmental impact is already costed in. Might their selfless concern for the environment actually be a front for something more self-regarding, such as their career and care-free lifestyle?

And who, we might ask, do they expect to look after them in their old age? The state, of course – staffed and funded by other people’s children. And by immigrants – for such people typically hail from the same political wing that favours open borders.

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