Christian home school parents worried about plans to put kids on a register

Apr 4, 2019 by

by Cara Bentley, Premier.

[…] Juliet English homeschooled seven children over 20 years, and told Premier a register would seem hypocritical to parents: “One of the issues around registration is that they want to ensure that all children are provided a suitable education…but when you look at some of the things happening in the education system, why parents are taking the children out of schools in their droves right now is precisely because the children are not receiving a suitable education within the school. So parents quite rightly feel ‘Why do I need to come and tell you that I’m having to carry my child when you messed-up royally, and my child is now suffering from anxiety, other mental health issues, depression or is a victim of bullying or has special educational needs that are not being met?'”

The Department for Education said an estimated 60,000 children are thought to be educated at home, with the number rising annually.

“Parents feel that the state should have no say in that because when they did have the opportunity, they didn’t provide the education that child needed.”

Christian Education Europe said in a statement: “Councils already have the authority to request proof that parents are providing a full-time, suitable education, and to issue a school attendance order if they are not satisfied. The proposed system of monitoring is an unnecessary intrusion into the everyday lives of British families…”

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see also: A homeschooling register – the brainwashers’ Trojan Horse, by Chris McGovern, The Conservative Woman. “The register is likely to become…the means by which the failed teaching and sociological ideologies of maintained schooling are foisted on to home-schoolers via local authority monitoring.”

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