Christians trapped in Afghanistan

Sep 29, 2021 by

from Release International:

Christians in Afghanistan have been fleeing the cities to escape the Taliban, according to partners of Release International, which supports persecuted Christians worldwide. Many Christians who remain are trapped inside the country, unable to leave through sealed borders.

Some have received death threats. Others have fled to remote areas to escape the Taliban. Release is appealing for funds to support Christians forced to flee around the world.

UK-based Release International is concerned about false reporting of persecution under the Taliban, which is obscuring the real hardship faced by the Afghan Christians who remain.

Such reports have presented images from Iraq of Isis atrocities, and of a protest in Colombia, claimed to have been filmed in Afghanistan. Even a 2009 rumour of missionaries about to be executed in Iraq has been amplified and applied to Afghanistan.

‘Understandably, there is a great deal of fear and rumour,’ says Release International CEO, Paul Robinson. ‘This is why we talk to partners who are working directly with the underground church.’

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