Church allows asylum seekers to exploit it

Feb 6, 2024 by

by Melanie Phillips, The Times:

CofE is naive about motives of migrants who convert yet watches real believers be persecuted.

The story of Abdul Ezedi illustrates the policy black hole that is Britain’s asylum system. It also illustrates the moral black hole that is the Church of England.

Ezedi, who is suspected of throwing a chemical at a mother and her two young children, is an Afghan asylum seeker who in 2016 was smuggled into Britain in a lorry. His asylum claim was turned down twice, the second time after he was convicted of sexual assault and indecent exposure.

Later, however, he was given permission to remain in Britain after he claimed to have converted to Christianity and a priest vouched that he was “wholly committed” to his new religion. In fact, those who know him have described him as “a good Muslim” who would regularly buy halal meat and who wanted to go back to Afghanistan to find a wife.

………..The church said it wasn’t aware of any evidence to suggest “a widespread correlation” between conversion to Christianity and abuse of the asylum system. Maybe that’s because the church doesn’t accept that bogus asylum claims are an abuse. For it never speaks out against them. It implies instead that all asylum claims are genuine.

………What makes this indulgence of those who thus trash Christianity for their own purposes quite nauseating is the enormous persecution of Christians around the world. The 2023 watch list produced by the charity Open Doors describes the persecution level of Christians in Syria and Afghanistan, for example, as “extreme”.

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