Church of England has become an ‘echo-chamber instead of interpreter’ on issues of human sexuality – John Sentamu

Jul 7, 2019 by

from Christian Today:

The Church of England has been told it must return to “the whole of Scripture and to Scripture as a whole” if it is to find a way forward through the disagreement over human sexuality.

In his presidential address to General Synod, Dr John Sentamu said that instead of being a guide to others, the Church had become an “echo-chamber” and that debate had been reduced to “crisp soundbite”.

He suggested that the Church, both laity and clergy, needed to increase in biblical literacy as he said that Anglicans had “got used to jumping to conclusions quickly” and that the Church had “come to rely on others to do its serious thinking for it”.

“The kind of disagreement we have is exactly the kind of disagreement one would expect to find in a church where the old habits of reading the Bible consistently and thoroughly, as part of a liturgical pattern or a pattern of private devotion, had broken down,” he said.

“The expectations we have of Biblical literacy – not only of laity but of clergy too – would strike most earlier generations of Christians as sadly low.

“And if we do not read consistently, we shall not think consistently,” he continued.

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