Church, You Have Got To Take a Stand on Sexuality

Oct 22, 2017 by

by Tom Gilson, The Stream:

“I don’t know, Tom. I don’t like debate.”

I’d been talking with a pastor about his church’s position on homosexuality and gay marriage. His own position was conservative and biblical, but someone else in leadership had fired a gay-affirming shot across the church’s bow. I wondered what he was going to do about it.

“Would you think of opening up a simple pastor-guided conversation,” I asked him, “just to clarify matters for people who might wonder, ‘what now?’”

His distaste for disagreement led him to decline.

Speaking With One Clear Voice

Debate is risky, there’s no denying it. The Episcopal denomination fractured wide open over this issue. Presbyterian congregations have left the PCUSA over it. The United Methodists are in imminent danger of losing the “United” part of their name.

Gay activism is both loud and forceful, even in the churches. It would seem easier to keep your head down. Avoid the subject. Don’t make it an issue. Strive for peace and unity.

Keep It Under the Radar? Forget About It

Sorry, but it won’t work. Not for long; not if you hold to the biblical/traditional view on marriage and morality. Someone is going to bring up the issue in a way you just can’t evade.

A gay couple is going to come to church. They’re going to ask questions in Sunday School, and someone is going to have to answer. Or they’re going to work quietly to build a following — which won’t be hard, if you haven’t stated a strong position on the matter — then volunteer for a teaching position.

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