Clergy kneel to those who’d trample over them

Jun 22, 2020 by

by Alice Williams, The Conservative Woman:

FOR some time now I have had a love-hate relationship with the cathedral in Wells, England’s smallest city, which has been my home for twenty years. I love the building, which never ceases to astonish, its scale, beauty and age dominating the town. I dislike, with a deepening intensity, the drip-drip of Leftist propaganda which has seeped into every service I have attended in the last two years.

In one Christmas address the dean referred to Mary and Joseph as refugees when of course they were nothing of the kind, as they were travelling to Bethlehem to pay the taxes demanded of them by Caesar Augustus. On other occasions the congregation has been subjected to the dean’s clear anti-Brexit bias and approval of mass immigration. However, irksome as all that is, what came to my notice on Saturday night sent me into apoplexy. I followed a link from James Delingpole on Breitbart to a piece on Wells News Hub headed ‘Bishops take the knee in Wells Cathedral in solidarity with Black Lives Matter campaign’. It pictured the Bishop of Bath and Wells, the Bishop of Taunton, the dean of Wells Cathedral and assorted other clergy kneeling in the otherwise empty nave in support of Black Lives Matter.

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