Columnist exposes elite disdain for Christianity

Apr 3, 2024 by

from The Christian Institute:

British officialdom claims to celebrate diversity but openly derides our Christian heritage, a newspaper columnist has protested.

Roman Catholic journalist Catherine Pepinster said that while other faiths are respected, Christianity seems to ‘proffer some sort of threat’.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, she highlighted numerous instances of ‘official hostility’ toward Christianity in the public sphere.

Anti-Christian polity

Pepinster commented: “Christianity – the faith of this nation since Augustine arrived in 597 – seems to be out of favour.

“Indeed, it often appears to be treated now by officialdom as anathema, a hindrance to progress, rather than the bedrock of the nation’s laws and culture.”

She conceded that the expression of conflicting beliefs presented “difficult dilemmas” for society, especially where it required “balancing one person’s freedom of speech” with what was considered to be “the greater good”.

She concluded: “Yet these concerns have now led to a situation where a young woman on Oxford Street cannot even sing a devotional song without someone deciding Christianity proffers some sort of threat”.

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