Conscientious parents now guilty of ‘extremism’?

Jul 20, 2019 by

by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern:

Last Monday in an interview for BBC Panorama’s documentary ‘Sex Education: The LGBT debate in schools’, Sara Khan, the government-appointed Lead Commissioner for Countering Extremism, attacked the parents in Birmingham who have been protesting LGBT indoctrination in primary schools in England, saying they are guilty of ‘extremism’. Although most of the vocal protesters have been Muslims, she aimed her attack equally at Christian and Jewish parents who have also objected to the new curriculum guidance.

BBC bias all too evident

The first interview clip in the BBC Panorama documentary is of a Muslim woman wearing a burqa, only her eyes being visible. The burqa is well-known as a sign of Islamist extremism. It is hard not to conclude that the BBC have chosen to show her as a visual symbol of the protests precisely because it would then be possible to brand the protesting parents as extremists.

The presenter then says, “although many religious leaders have endorsed it [the new curriculum], some communities aren’t prepared to go along.” Straight away this makes unnamed religious leaders, who do not represent the orthodox teachings of their religions at all, the norm as far as the BBC – and therefore officialdom – is concerned.

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