Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden warns UK museums must not allow themselves to be ‘pushed around by the zeitgeist of the day’

Mar 4, 2021 by

by Jack Maidment, Mailonline:

Some institutions feel ‘bullied’ by left-wing campaigners.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden today warned UK museums they cannot allow themselves to be ‘pushed around by the zeitgeist of the day’.

Mr Dowden said the ‘principal duty’ of the nation’s cultural institutions is to ‘preserve and conserve our heritage’.

He said some institutions feel like they have been ‘bullied, particularly by left-wing campaigns’.

His comments are likely to be viewed as a sign that the Government intends to continue its so-called ‘war on woke’.

Speaking at the Policy Exchange UK think tank’s History Matters Conference, Mr Dowden said cultural organisations should act as ‘custodians’ of our cultural heritage and not seek to erase certain aspects of it.

Discussing his advice to museums and cultural institutions, he said: ‘Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around by the zeitgeist of the day.

‘Take a longer-term view of things, make sure you do things in a rigorous way and understand that your principal duty is to preserve and conserve our heritage.’

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