Dean of Ely reports Daily Mail to IPSO for saying Cathedral flew UKIP flag

Aug 22, 2018 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

It beggars belief that anyone could have taken the story seriously. What dean and chapter of any cathedral would even entertain flying the UKIP flag? Oh, they’ll host a Labour-supporting conference, no problem. Blasphemy? Yeah, sure. Pornography? No sweat. Paganism? A breeze. Antisemitism? Duck soup. But – let’s be honest – Church of England clergy would rather sup with Satan than be infected with Faragist bigotry (which is what most of them believe UKIP to represent). Brexit is basically bad fruit: hell would freeze over before a cathedral flew even a non-party-political flag to commemorate the UK’s departure from the EU. Wasn’t the story so obviously a parody, a spoof, a satire on the Church of England’s flag-flying hypocrisy, identity inconsistency and missional dissonance?

Apparently not.

Ely Cathedral was inundated with complaints following publication:

[…]  But then Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail took the story very seriously indeed, and included it in his column:

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