Dozens of Parents, Students Leave Calif. Elementary School System After Board OKs Transgender Books

Sep 22, 2017 by

by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post:

A California school board voted after much debate that books teaching students about transgenderism are to continue being used at its elementary schools. An option that would have allowed parents to opt their children out from such lessons has been rejected.

The debate has reportedly led to dozens of parents and children leaving the school system.

Fox News reported that the vote at Rocklin Academy Gateway took place on Monday night, with the board siding with advocates in favor of books such as I Am Jazz and other transgender material.

The board also apparently passed a provision stating that teachers “will endeavor to notify parents in advance of controversial topics being discussed when they are part of the school’s curriculum or a teacher’s lesson plan so that parents can also share their views at home.”

Greg Burt of the California Family Council told LifeSiteNews that the amendment is “really weak,” however, and provides no opt out option, which some parents had called for.

“There’s no mandatory requirement,” Burt said, noting that the policy does not suggest there will be accountability for a teacher if he or she does not notify parents of controversial subject matter.

He pointed out that the school district allows other kinds of opt-outs, such as from looking at the recent solar eclipse across America.

“When you’re talking about something as sensitive and controversial as gender identity, for them to say they can’t provide an opt-out for parents is just flat-out wrong,” he said.

He revealed that 40 families and 71 children have left Rocklin Academy Schools due to the transgender debate.

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