Empire Cinemas rejects first world war short film by Bible Society

Nov 9, 2018 by

by Harriet Sherwood, Guardian:

UK chain is refusing to show three-minute film about the comfort soldiers found in Bible.

A UK cinema chain has rejected a short film highlighting the comfort some first world war soldiers found in the Bible.

The film by the Bible Society was intended to be shown in 125 screens around the country in the run-up to the armistice centenary this weekend, but was vetoed by Empire Cinemas, which does not accept religious or political advertising.

Over footage of soldiers in trenches, the three-minute film informs viewers that all British troops were given a Bible as part of their kit. “To many it was a source of hope, for eternal peace,” reads caption material.

The film moves to the present day, showing people reciting a passage from Revelation, customarily read at Remembrance Sunday services, as they go about their daily lives. They include a farmer, a fisherman, a hairdresser, a chef and a retired person.

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