Evangelicals in Spain Fighting Bill Blocking Parents’ Rights to Stop Children’s Sex Change Operations

Nov 1, 2017 by

by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post:

Evangelicals in Spain are fighting hard against an LGBT bill that is set to be voted on in Congress, and if passed could strip parents of their rights to stop their children from undergoing hormone treatment and sex change surgeries.

Evangelical Focus reported on Monday that the Spanish Evangelical Alliance has been holding meetings with a number of political parties since September, expressing their concerns that new LGBT measures will crack down on freedom of speech and the rights of parents.

The Spanish Evangelical Alliance has said that as it is written, the bill “accepts, as gender ideology proposes, that gender is a human category that can be in constant evolution, so that, it has to be perceived as a vital experience.”

What is more, the evangelicals are speaking out against proposed measures to strip parents from their right on having a say on their children undergoing hormonal or surgical sex-change treatments.

“In many cases cross-hormonal treatment in children will later generate deep and irreversible traumas,” the Spanish Evangelical Alliance has said.

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