Family Unfriendly Britain

Sep 18, 2023 by

by Harry Benson, Marriage Foundation:

Last week I had the honour of speaking at the Budapest Demographic Summit. The conference was in part celebration of Hungary’s ‘family friendly’ policies that have resulted in sharp rises to their fertility and marriage rates and part an opportunity to address the wider global issue of falling fertility rates.

Headlined by socially conservative prime ministers Viktor Orban of Hungary and Georgia Meloni of Italy, this kind of conference is unimaginable in most western countries where talk of increasing fertility and marriage rates is anathema.

To coincide, we released a paper comparing ‘Family Unfriendly Britain‘ with ‘Family Friendly Hungary’, covered in the Times. You can read the written version of the talk I gave at the conference on the ‘Psychology of Commitment and Marriage‘. I hope you find it interesting.

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