Feminism and gay marriage have poisoned the C of E

Nov 13, 2017 by

By Jules Gomes, TCW:

When the Anglican priest John Wesley was drawing huge crowds with his preaching and becoming a real pain in the Church of England’s posterior, the hierarchy called a meeting to discuss how to silence him. The envious clergy floated a number of proposals but realised that none would work against a man of iron convictions. Finally, a hesitant hand went up. ‘Why don’t we make him a bishop? That will silence him,’ suggested an archdeacon. There was stunned silence followed by thunderous applause. The archdeacon was right.

They must have lamented the fact they did not. His departure gave birth to Methodism.

Today Justin Welby and his cronies must be banging their heads wondering why they did not make Gavin Ashenden, the former Queen’s Chaplain, a bishop. That would have paralysed his spinal cord, lobotomised his high-speed brain and silenced his impressive pen. If Luther had the printing press Ashenden has YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and his website.

His latest blog, The Anglican Christian Resistance and the Resignation of Lorna Ashworth, brilliantly analyses – and highlights – the reasons behind the latest big-time resignation in the C of E. Lorna Ashworth, the prominent conservative evangelical, has publicly resigned from General Synod and the Archbishops’ Council leaving behind her a stinging rebuke to the hierarchy who are infecting the C of E with the most pernicious forms of the feminist and gay agenda under the Welbyism of ‘good disagreement’.

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