Fists fly in a punch-up between transgender activists and their extreme feminist rivals in Hyde Park

Sep 17, 2017 by

by Mark Wood and Sanchez Manning, Mailonline:

The transgender issue is the most sensitive in Britain today, sparking passionate debate among equal-rights campaigners.  But now that passion has erupted into the sort of outright violence normally associated with football hooligans.

Two factions – the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (or so-called TERFs) and their bitter enemies Trans Activists – clashed in an unseemly bust-up that ended with a 60-year-old woman being bundled to the ground and punched in the face. The incident was caught on video and is now being investigated by the police.

Mother-of-two Maria MacLachlan, who describes herself as a ‘gender critical feminist’, was attacked at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park at about 7pm on Wednesday.

She had joined around 50 fellow TERFs who were to be given details of the secret location for a talk entitled What Is Gender? The Gender Recognition Act And Beyond.

TERFs are feminists who are opposed to some campaigning by transgender women.

The event was originally scheduled to be held at a community centre in New Cross, South-East London, but was switched following online warnings of a protest from Trans Activists.

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