Five reasons why we should all be singing Carols

Dec 21, 2018 by

by Keith Getty, CEN:

Around the world… fathers, mothers, and children of all ages and generations will gather in homes, hotels, and huts to celebrate the joy of Christmas.

Around the tree… people from all walks of life will stop their endless walking—if only for a few, sacred moments—to be together.

Around the corner… there will be those who listen to the sounds of these gatherings, some reminiscing ofbygone days when they too had a place to celebrate with those they loved. Others will marvel with childlike wonder at the message they are hearing—is this simply holiday sentiment, or is there truly a holy Saviour who has come to rescue us?

The story of Jesus’s birth will be told and retold in many different languages and cultures this Christmas, but there is something miraculous about the divine narrative that produces the same effect in each of us, no matter how or where it is revealed. In fact, there is even one particular medium that brings all people together “around” the central essence of this incredible story—Christmas carols. From Australia to Argentina to Anchorage, the message of Jesus will resonate from the mouths of his people in the same melodies and lyrics that his people have been singing for centuries.

Though there are many, here are five reasons we should still sing Christmas carols today.

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