‘Focus on LGBT bullying is failing other children’

Sep 15, 2017 by

from The Christian Institute:

Schools are creating a bullying “hierarchy” because of a focus on homophobia and transphobia, a Christian educational group has said.

Christians in Education (CiE) hit out at the media’s overwhelming focus on the bullying of LGBT young people when figures show that other bullying is far more prevalent.

A recent survey of young people found that 50 per cent are bullied due to their appearance, 19 per cent because of their grades, and 14 per cent because of their household income. Just four per cent of children report being bullied because of their sexuality.


CiE highlights that despite this, “schools have to produce anti-bullying policies which specifically detail how homophobic and transphobic bullying will be dealt with”.

The group adds: “About 86% of disabled children report being bullied on a regular basis, yet that doesn’t grab any headlines or provoke a flurry of policy documents at the DfE.

“To highlight just one reason for bullying is to create a hierarchy, clearly signalling to the disabled, to ethnic minorities, to those of religious faith or to those who don’t wear the ‘right’ clothes that their pain and suffering are less important than LGBT suffering.”

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