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Gafcon 2018 began on the evening of Sunday 17th June in Jerusalem, and ended on the afternoon of Friday 23rd June.

GAFCON 2018 Final Statement: “Letter to the Churches”

Video of keynote addresses and other highlights

Gafcon 2018 Statement– “A Gift to the world”: – interviews with delegates following the reading of the Statement

Gafcon announces new leadership, from Gafcon website. Archbishop Ben Kwashi from Nigeria will take over as General Secretary from January 2019, and Archbishop Foley Beach from ACNA as Chairman from April 2019.


Selected Reflections:

Gafcon’s “Letter to the Churches” encapsulates authentic Christianity with clarity, firmness and grace, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Gafcon names new leadership for movement after Jerusalem meeting, by Chris Sugden, CEN

Bishop Harold reflects on his experience of the recent GAFCON conference, Diocese of Down and Dromore

The Christian Axis has shifted by Gerald McDermott, Patheos

Largest international gathering of Anglicans celebrates 10 years of growth, from Gafcon website


Reports from each day:

Gafcon 3 in Jerusalem sounds firm notes, (Report on Day 1)

“GAFCON is not an alternative Anglican Communion because we are the true Anglican Church”  (Day 2)

Gafcon 3 highlights global mission, (Day 3)

Day 4 in Jerusalem: “This is our family home” (Day 4)

“I’ve been here – it’s God’s idea!” (Day 5)



One-on-One with Joseph D’Souza on GAFCON by Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today

An interview with Matt and Anne Kennedy

ATV GAFCON Interviews: Rev. Dr. Noll

Interviews with leaders and delegates: Gafcon official Vimeo site

Interviews with leaders and delegates: Anglican Unscripted


A selection of conference addresses:

An address given by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, Virtueonline (Bishop Michael speaks on ‘God’s Church’)

Martin Davie’s seminar talk at Gafcon on ‘Human Flourishing’ here 

‘The Threat of Cultural Marxism to orthodox Christianity.’ A presentation given in Jerusalem, for Gafcon June 2018 by Bishop Gavin Ashenden


Articles from just before the Conference

Authentic Anglicanism: global with boundaries, or ‘inclusive’ and Western? Introduction to why Gafcon exists and is important for all orthodox Anglicans, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Preparing for Gafcon in seven contentions, by Stephen Noll, Contending Anglican


More news and comment (most recent at the top – PLEASE REFRESH FOR LATEST UPDATES)

Why Gafcon? by Chris Sugden and Vinay Samuel, Evangelicals Now

Commentary on the 2018 GAFCON Letter to the Churches Part Three: Introducing the Letter by Stephen Noll

Commentary on the 2018 GAFCON Letter to the Churches Part Two: Coming to One Mind by Stephen Noll

Anglican Mainstream responds to critique of Gafcon, by Andrew Symes

Some concerns about GAFCON by Rachel Marszalek, Church Times

Experiencing the Anglican future, by Peter Jensen, Gafcon

More Christians now live in Africa than in any other continent in the world, by John Paul Sunico , Christian Post

Commentary on the Gafcon Letter to the Churches Part One: Preparations, by Stephen Noll, Contending Anglican

Pleased to be corrected by a theologian on Gafcon, by Julian Mann

Gafcon reflections, by Tom Woolford, Church Society

GAFCON, the Archbishop and Lambeth 2020 by Martin Davie

Post-Gafcon Contention – Reply to Fulcrum on GAFCON 2018 by Stephen Noll, Anglican Ink

GAFCON sounded like a great gig but now what?by Julian Mann, VOL

“Gafcon claims no global jurisdiction. That is not the Anglican way. We are a family of independent Provinces, but we are not independent of the Lordship of Christ…” from Chairman’s July 2018 Letter, from Archbishop Nicholas Okoh

‘Wilfully schismatic’ movement supports submission of women to men by Canon , Irish Times

Lambeth denies any bullying of the primates, ACNS

A turning point in the history of Anglicanism from Sydney Anglicans

Bullying the Primates across the Rubicon by Stephen Noll, Contending Anglican

A Reflection on GAFCON III and ACNA by George Sumner, Living Church

Anglican Unscripted #414 – GAFCON is the future with Kevin Kallsen and George Conger

Anglican Unscripted #413 – God is using GAFCON to reform with Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden

In defence of Anglican unity and Gafcon, Irish Times

After GAFCON 2018: Can secularism build a civilisation? by Joseph D’Souza, CP

Watch a selection of the nations present at Jerusalem 2018 declare boldly that they are “proclaiming Christ faithfully to the nations!”

Our GAFCON Jerusalem 2018 Report, Core Issues Trust

Justin Welby & ACC Leader Threatened by GAFCON Inroads into Anglican Communion by David W Virtue, VOL

A Reflection on GAFCON III and ACNA by George Sumner, Living Church

Church of Ireland bishop defends attendance at conservative forum, Patsy McGarry, Irish Times

Bishops’ presence at Gafcon an ‘absolute disgrace’, says Church of Ireland by Patsy McGarry, Irish Times

ACNA primate gets top GAFCON post by Mary Ann Mueller, VOL:

Largest Gathering of Anglicans in 50 Years Tells Archbishop of Canterbury to Return to Teaching the Bible Only by Steve Warren, CBN News

Essentials of the Gafcon 2018 Letter to the Churches, a summary by Chris Sugden, CEN

Welby urges GAFCON to consider the cost of rebellion by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Foley Beach and Ben Kwashi to lead GAFCON by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Anglican Consultative Council in a snit over GAFCON III’s success by Mary Ann Mueller, VOL

‘We are not leaving, we are staying,’ say Anglican conservatives by John Sandeman, Eternity News

“Indissolubly together” GAFCON III at the midpoint by George Conger, Anglican Ink

GAFCON response to ACC SecGen’s schism chargeby Peter Jensen, Anglican Ink

Ugandan bishops pledge to boycott Welby’s landmark Lambeth Conference 2020, CT

Rico Tice on why he stepped down from the archbishop’s evangelism group: ‘I have a different religion’, CT

JERUSALEM: Orthodox Anglicans come from Four Corners of the Earth to Celebrate Gospel of God by David Virtue,VOL

Streams in the Desert by the Rev. Francis Capitanio, Gafcon 2018

GAFCON III: Jerusalem Archbishop urges GAFCON delegates to pursue “diversity and difference” by David Virtue, VOL

GAFCON participants lay claim to Anglican Orthodoxy by Madeleine Davies, Church Times

The Global Anglican crack up by Dennis Lennox, Spectator USA

GAFCON Jerusalem Day 2 by Canon Mark Eldridge, AAC

Kangaroos don’t go backwards

Proclaiming Christ Faithfully to the Nations by Anne Kennedy

GAFCON III: Nigerian Primate Calls on Delegates to Proclaim Christ Faithfully to the Nations by David Virtue, VOL

GAFCON III opens in Jerusalem by George  Conger, Anglican Ink

ACNS report on GAFCON III denounced as misleading

JERUSALEM: GAFCON Launched with 2,000 delegates from 53 countries by David Virtue, VOL

Day 1: Laying the Foundations, from American Anglican Council

He set his face to go to Jerusalem

Third Gafcon conference underway in Jerusalem, ACNS


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