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Gafcon 2018 began on the evening of Sunday 17th June in Jerusalem. News and comment (most recent at the top):

Watch proceedings live every day on the Gafcon site here

Reflections from Martin Davie on the Jerusalem Declaration, and the text of his talk at Gafcon on Human Flourishing here

GAFCON response to ACC SecGen’s schism chargeby Peter Jensen, Anglican Ink

Gafcon 3 highlights global mission, by Chris Sugden, CEN

Ugandan bishops pledge to boycott Welby’s landmark Lambeth Conference 2020, CT

Rico Tice on why he stepped down from the archbishop’s evangelism group: ‘I have a different religion’, CT

JERUSALEM: Orthodox Anglicans come from Four Corners of the Earth to Celebrate Gospel of God by David Virtue,VOL

Streams in the Desert by the Rev. Francis Capitanio, Gafcon 2018

Anglican Unscripted #409 – Unscripted GAFCON with Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden and George Conger in Jerusalem

GAFCON III: Jerusalem Archbishop urges GAFCON delegates to pursue “diversity and difference” by David Virtue, VOL

GAFCON participants lay claim to Anglican Orthodoxy by Madeleine Davies, Church Times

The Global Anglican crack up by Dennis Lennox, Spectator USA

“GAFCON is not an alternative Anglican Communion because we are the true Anglican Church”  by Chris Sugden, CEN

GAFCON Jerusalem Day 2 by Canon Mark Eldridge, AAC

Kangaroos don’t go backwards

Proclaiming Christ Faithfully to the Nations by Anne Kennedy

GAFCON III: Nigerian Primate Calls on Delegates to Proclaim Christ Faithfully to the Nations by David Virtue, VOL

GAFCON III opens in Jerusalem by George  Conger, Anglican Ink

ACNS report on GAFCON III denounced as misleading

JERUSALEM: GAFCON Launched with 2,000 delegates from 53 countries by David Virtue, VOL

Day 1: Laying the Foundations, from American Anglican Council

Gafcon 3 in Jerusalem sounds firm notes, by Chris Sugden, CEN

Forward. Always forward. Everywhere forward!

He set his face to go to Jerusalem

Third Gafcon conference underway in Jerusalem, ACNS

Anglican Unscripted #405 – Interview with Archbishop Jensen and further interview here

Authentic Anglicanism: global with boundaries, or ‘inclusive’ and Western? by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Preparing for Gafcon in seven contentions, by Stephen Noll, Contending Anglican

Gafcon: uniting and reforming. A series of interviews with key leaders

Part 1, by Melvin Tinker (England)

Part 2, by Jane Tooher (Australia)

Part 3, by Winnie Njenga (Kenya)

Part 4: Bishop Tito Zavala (Chile)

Gafcon 2018: Anglicanism riven, reformed or simply reheated? By David Baker, Christian Today

Gafcon Chairman’s June 2018 Letter

Brazil’s Anglican Church [the Episcopal Church of Brazil] changes its canons to allow same sex marriage (from ACNS), but a new, orthodox Anglican Church in Brazil has formed and been recognized by Gafcon. Read here

Lambeth speaks plainly (that was then), by Stephen Noll

Gafcon leaders say no break with Canterbury, by David Virtue, VirtueOnline

Sin and error in the church, by Peter Jensen, Gafcon


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