Gender neutral toilets will be introduced in Brighton schools

Jun 12, 2021 by

By Raven Saunt, Mailonline:

Gender neutral toilets will be introduced in Brighton schools as part of controversial scheme that has sparked anger among parents.

Teachers and governors are to be told that they should provide ‘toilets for everyone’ in fresh advice issued in Brighton and Hove’s Trans Inclusion Toolkit.

Under the new guidance for schools across East Sussex, educational settings ‘should provide pupils and students with a mixture of access to toilets’.

This should include ‘blocks of ceiling cubicle toilets that can be used by all, with bins for menstrual products in each cubicle (‘toilets for everyone’)’.

A consultation with trans children and young people prior to the guidance being published found that many will choose gender-neutral toilets for ‘fear of bullying or harassment’.

Single sex toilets can also cause issues for children and young people who do not identify with the gender binary of boy or girl, say supporters of the guidance.

But the suggestion has angered many parents who say girls need privacy as they mature into young women and should not have to share facilities with boys.

The Trans Inclusion Toolkit, which is backed by Brighton and Hove City Council, also includes guidance on issues such as mixed sports, the use of ‘gendered language’ and the right for pupils to dress in either male or female uniform.
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