Government fails to quell fears over ‘conversion therapy’ ban

Jan 22, 2022 by

by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern:

The signs are all there that the UK government is running scared of the growing opposition to its proposed ‘conversion therapy’ ban for England and Wales. The fact that it has been doubling down on its Orwellian ‘caring’ rhetoric is telling, and one we should not allow to pass without resistance.

The Government Equalities Office has taken the extraordinary step of  writing to The Critic magazine to request corrections to an article Maya Forstater wrote criticising the ban. This is unprecedented on the part of the GEO. Her rebuttal to the GEO was published on Monday and by Tuesday, Medium had published an article by Mike Freer the Minister for Equalities entitled ‘Mythbusting the Conversion Therapy Ban’. This suggests that the GEO is attempting to ride out the remaining three weeks of the consultation with reassurances to the public. Let’s see how convincing they are.

The attack on ‘misinformation’ in the media

Freer starts off by saying the government will prepare legislation once the consultation closes, in time for Spring. He wants to show that the rising tide of opposition won’t deter the government, instead hitting back with this claim:

“There have been some erroneous interpretations and misinformation around our proposals in the media”.

This is clearly referring to all the comment we as opponents have collectively given to the press during the consultation period. Freer and the GEO are angry that the press is finally shining light into these sinister proposals rather than just giving a free pass to LGBT activists who are in lockstep with the government. ‘Misinformation’ is the polite word for ‘fake news’ – a term all too often used to describe true, but inconvenient information. In this case, it is code for the government’s wish to silence all opposition.

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