Grassroots campaign launched to persuade Church of England to adopt gay blessings

Oct 25, 2017 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today:

A ‘grassroots’ campaign is underway to persuade the Church of England to adopt formal services to bless gay couples.

The Church’s ruling general synod will debate whether to offer official liturgy after a same-sex couple has married or formed a civil partnership in a seperate ceremony.

The proposals were put forward by the diocesan synod – the equivalent of a local council – in Hereford and fall short of same-sex weddings in Church but would allow priests to bless couples.

Now a campaign has been launched across the CofE’s 41 dioceses to persuade each local synod to follow suit and adopt the same motion, ‘strengthening the message from Hereford and demonstrating the groundswell of support for authorised services for couples’.

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