Great news for all Marriage supporters

Sep 25, 2020 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

I’m thrilled to be contacting you with some important and encouraging news.

Earlier this year I wrote to you about Harry Coulter. Harry and his Marriage Matters organisation were unceremoniously booted out of a Belfast hotel last October when a member of the public complained about their event. The keynote speaker, C4M’s Director of Supporter Strategy Tony Rucinski, was cut off mid-flow by members of staff. The 55 attendees were sent home. No refund was offered.

I’m pleased to say that the hotel has now apologised unconditionally, refunded Harry’s booking fee and paid his legal costs.

Expressing “sincere regret” the hotel admitted that its actions prevented Harry and his guests “from fully expressing [their] beliefs about the law of marriage in Northern Ireland”.

It added: “We recognise that the ability to respectfully debate issues on which we hold strong views is fundamental to freedom of speech for all of us. We also recognise that the particular way in which this was dealt with was embarrassing for you and inconvenient for your guests.”

The hotel committed to “refresh the training of all staff on their responsibilities relating to equality, diversity and human rights”.

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