Greetings from England, led by the Bishop of Durham, and Australia

Oct 6, 2016 by

Chris Sugden in Cairo:

Bishop Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham, one of the five most senior English Bishops and a member of the House of Lords brought greetings to the Global South Conference on Thursday morning.

“Thank you enormously for the invitation to us as evangelical bishops in the Church of England where we are wrestling with some critical issues. With me are my colleagues Bishop Julian Henderson of Blackburn who is also chair of the Church of England Evangelical Council (founded by John Stott Ed.) who also send their greetings; Bishop Keith Sinclair of Birkenhead; I want to thank Keith who served on the Pilling Commission on Human Sexuality and for whom it was a tough time. He bore a great deal of pain and went through tough times for his stand. (Applause)

“Bishop Tim Dakin (Winchester) and also with me in the House of Lords and Chris Sugden. We have also brought greetings from Renew and GAFCONUK who are praying for your time here.

” Please keep praying for the Church of England at a critical time. The Church of England is like an oil tanker which is slow and hard to turn; it does not make decisions in a hurry and sometimes that is a good thing.

” Bishop Julian is also part of a Bishops’ working group on Human Sexuality to bring proposals to the House of Bishops so that we are not scuppered by people bringing antagonistic things to General Synod. We are determined that this issue shall be episcopally led.

Bishop Tim Dakin added that the bishops were present with the full knowledge of the Archbishop of Canterbury and also that not everyone has bowed the knee in the Church of England. “Many of us intend to remain faithful.”

Australia and Sydney

Archbishop Glenn Davies (being referred to here by some with humour as Archbishop of ALL Sydney – as a parallel to the Primate of All Nigeria Ed.) on his first visit to the Global South also brought greetings. “I bring greetings from the Anglican Church of Australia and the Diocese of Sydney. We have been following Global South as a very significant part of the Anglican Communion. It has been very instructive to see the significance of North Africa for the whole of Christendom. Pray for us all that we be found faithful.”

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