How Christianity has cancelled itself

May 26, 2021 by

by Peter Mullen, The Conservative Woman:

The BBC has got itself into a religious mood – but the wrong religion. The corporation’s presenters and commentators now speak reverentially of ‘the Holy Month of Islam’, but we never hear them refer to the penitential seasons of Lent or Advent, or indeed to Holy Week. A friend told me she turned on Thought for the Day on Ascension Day, expecting to hear some mention of that great Christian festival. Instead it was all about Eid.

In the West we have become our own enemies because we have come to prefer the cult of Islam over the European Christian civilisation against which it has waged imperialistic wars for 1,400 years. Here is a summary of its imperialistic incursions and attempted conquests over the last millennium and beyond:

In AD 732 an invading Muslim army of as many as 200,000 men was defeated by the Christian Charles Martel at Tours. If that battle had been lost, all Europe would have fallen to militant Islam. In 1565 the relief of the Siege of Malta, by a Christian alliance, ensured that the Mediterranean did not fall into Muslim hands and so give them a toehold in southern Europe.

Following the defeat of the Muslim Turks by the Knights of St John at Malta in 1565, there came the Battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571 when a fleet of the Holy League, a coalition of Spain (including its territories of Naples, Sicily and Sardinia), the Republic of Venice, the Papacy, the Republic of Genoa, the Duchy of Savoy, the Knights Hospitaller and others, decisively defeated the main fleet of the Ottoman Empire.

Then there was that other September 11 – 1683 – when Christian armies under Jan Sobieski arrived at the gates of Vienna and defeated the last substantial Muslim aggression: the last, that is, before the one we face at present.

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