How ‘Diversity’ Became Its Own Pagan Religion

Sep 21, 2020 by

by William S Smith, The American Conservative:

Those who invoke it refuse to acknowledge any common human ground, a challenge to Christianity itself.

As our society fractures into hostile factions without any apparent glue to hold them together, it is an appropriate time to consider our culture’s embrace of “diversity.” Diversity is now the raison d’être of contemporary life, dominating the culture of our universities, corporations, entertainment, and other mainstream institutions.

Conservatives are rightly skeptical of the mania surrounding diversity. They know that, when you lift up the lid, you find race hustlers shaking down corporations, mediocre academics in “ethnic studies,” and guttersnipe actors and musicians promoted well beyond their aesthetic abilities. In short, we see a scam designed to steer power and money to certain groups and away from others. More importantly, while the alleged goal of promoting diversity is social harmony, diversity huckstering has instead produced seething hatreds, racial and gender finger-pointing, and a degradation of cultural standards.

What are conservatives to do? First, they should not glibly dismiss the kernel of truth in their opponents’ position. As it is actually lived, human life is in fact a wealth of diversity and would be quite monotonous without it. No two human beings are alike, no two pieces of great art or music are precisely the same, no two nations or cultures are identical, no two moments in time are an exact match, and the natural world of animals and plants is a kaleidoscope. Diversity is much of the reason we travel or wander through a museum. Life is wonderful precisely because it is diverse.

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