How to Argue Against Gender-Transition Interventions for Children

Feb 14, 2022 by

by Joe Carter, TGC:

The Story: A new study finds that an increasing number of Americans support hormonal and surgical interventions for adolescents experiencing gender dysphoria. How should Christians convince them to oppose this harm to children?

The Background: In the latest issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers Mark Regnerus and Brad Vermurlen published a study titled, “Attitudes in the U.S. Toward Hormonal and/or Surgical Interventions for Adolescents Experiencing Gender Dysphoria.” Regnerus and Vermulen examine a survey that asked respondents to agree or disagree with the statement, “It should be okay for adolescents to ‘transition’ with hormones or surgery if they identify as another gender.”

What they found was that perspectives on medical transitions for adolescents fit the “culture war” framework and are “largely polarized between a ‘progressive’ worldview of bodily autonomy and an ‘orthodox’ worldview of bodily integrity.”

For instance, evangelicals are the group most likely to oppose gender transition procedures (81 percent), followed by Mormons (80 percent) and those who say religion is more important than anything else (80 percent). Those who identify politically as conservative or very conservative (70 and 72 percent, respectively) were about as likely to oppose such procedures as Pentecostals (69 percent) and those who say they attend religious services weekly (about 70 percent).

Those most likely to agree with the treatment approach were those who are very liberal politically (72 percent), those who said “marriage is outdated” (52 percent), those who don’t completely identify as heterosexual (50 percent), those who are politically liberal (50 percent), and those who are not religious and who think religion is not important (47 percent each).

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