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Editor’s note: please skim through the titles and summaries of these very recent articles, and read what you can. We are in the middle of a revolution, and we need to keep up to date, understand the ideologies taking hold of people’s minds, mourn the victims and celebrate when there is push-back.


The elite war on biological sex, by Frank Furedi, spiked: Transgender ideology is relentlessly promoted by the elites – despite huge opposition from ordinary people.

SNP accused of ignoring feminist and religious groups in gender reform talks, by Daniel Sanderson, Telegraph: Critics attack Nicola Sturgeon for allowing only pro-trans lobbyists to discuss changes letting people legally change sex without diagnosis.

Leading group of girls’ schools says it ‘will not accept transgender pupils, by Harry Howard, Mailonline:
The Girls’ Day School Trust, which represents 23 private schools and two academies, will not accept transgender pupils because they are worried it will ‘jeopardise’ their status as single-sex institutions.

Preferred gender pronouns used for first time in New Year Honours list, by Gordon Rayner, Telegraph

Children are being ‘brainwashed’ by TikTok videos on ‘cool’ trans surgery viewed 26 billion times, campaigners claim, by Sam Merriman, Mail on Sunday:
Some parents are concerned the involvement of TikTok, which became the UK’s most downloaded app last year, is fuelling a ‘social contagion’ of pressure on impressionable youngsters and the rise in teenagers who are identifying as trans.

Welsh Government erases biological sex from sex ed, by Colin Hart, Coalition for Marriage:
The ‘Relationships and Sexuality Education Code’ has been roundly criticised for attempting to erase biological sex from the sex education curriculum. The Code fails, for instance, to mention man or woman, male or female, boy or girl. Quite a feat, given its subject matter.

Calls to scrap transgender requirement are ‘totally out of touch’, from Christian Today: MPs are wrong to suggest that transgender people should no longer have to live for two years in their chosen gender being receiving legal recognition.


She who shall not be named, by Raquel Rosario Sanchez, spiked:
JK Rowling’s books have been translated into 65 languages, making her one of the most-translated authors in history, and the first to make a billion dollars. And now she’s being subtly erased.

Swimming in nonsense: where are the grown ups in the transgender debate? by Nicole Lampert, CapX: When the winner reached the side of the pool there was silence, almost as if the triumph was being determinedly ignored.

The GenderBread Man is coming, by Caroline ffiske, The Critic:
Public sector organisations, law firms, large corporations and schools, are paying for “trans-inclusion” training from an organisation called Global Butterflies. Who are they and what do they do?

I rescued my daughter from LGBT insanity, let parents learn from my story, by Charlie Jacobs, LifeSite:
She came home with a whole new language. She and all her girlfriends discussed their labels — polyamorous, lesbian, pansexual. None of the five girls chose “basic,” their term for a straight girl. Now, I was worried.


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