Huge victory as Californian parents torpedo depraved sex ed curriculum in their town

May 7, 2020 by

by MassResistance:

Downey, California is largely a minority, working-class suburb of Los Angeles. Last year the School Board overwhelmingly voted to bring in a “comprehensive sex ed” curriculum for the middle school and high school grades.

This decision was largely to comply with the so-called “California Healthy Youth Act” passed by the Legislature in 2015. It requires comprehensive sex ed in schools. However, the text of the law allows for a fairly broad implementation (and mostly requires that anything taught be “medically accurate” and “age appropriate”).

But the Downey school officials selected one of the most extreme and offensive courses available. They chose to use “Teen Talk,” a slick, pre-packaged Planned Parenthood-linked program. Like similar programs created by Planned Parenthood and LGBT organizations, it pushes the normalization of homosexuality, transgenderism, pre-marital sex, various deviant sex practices, abortion, and other social pathologies.

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