Humza Yousaf’s identitarian privilege

Mar 29, 2023 by

by Brendan O’Neill, spiked:

Would Kate Forbes have been celebrated for praying in Bute House?

Picture the scene. Kate Forbes wins the leadership of the Scottish National Party. She moves into Bute House, the official Edinburgh residence of the first minister. And one of the first things she does is post a photograph on social media of her and her family praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ. They’re on their knees, hands clasped, heads bowed in supplication to the Messiah. ‘A special moment’, Ms Forbes might have tweeted alongside the holy image.

There would have been uproar online, wouldn’t there? Godless millennials would have cringed for days. New Atheists would have risen from the coffin of irrelevance to condemn her garish religiosity. Humanists UK would have been straight on the blower to Conway Hall to organise a meeting on the importance of separating faith and politics. LGBTQIA groups would have fretted over their eradication now that Scotland had fallen to Christian theocracy. And imagine the memes. It would have been wild, and we all know it.

And yet the actual first minister, Humza Yousaf, does the equivalent, and no one bats an eyelid. Some, in fact, gush. Yousaf was elected SNP leader earlier this week. Yesterday, he posted an image on Twitter showing him ‘leading my family in prayer in Bute House’. He and five other men are standing in a line, facing Mecca, in solemn worship of Allah. I wager there will be very little cultural cringe over this showy act of devotion. No one will make fun or wonder ‘WTF’. Not unless they want to be called racist.

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