Hymn Society Releases “Queer Hymns” for LGBTQIA2S+

Nov 2, 2019 by

by Jeffrey Walton, Juicy Ecumenism:

A collection comprised of nearly 50 “queer hymns” has been recently published by an ecumenical non-profit association that seeks to promote congregational singing.

Songs for the Holy Other: Hymns Affirming the LGBTQIA2S+ Community was released in July by the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada.

Anglican Journal, the publication of the Anglican Church of Canada, publicized the songs, which were promptly shared online by the U.S.-based Episcopal Church. Both of the neighboring churches regularly promote LGBT causes throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion, but some of the hymns trample on a number of core Christian teachings, in addition to revisionist gender identity and human sexuality.

Among the offered musical compositions are: “A Hymn for Self-Acceptance”, “God Calls You Good”, “God of Queer Transgressive Spaces” and “The Kingdom of God is the Queerest of Nations”.

Many of the songs promise indiscriminate inclusion regardless of personal choices, praise alphabet-soup sexuality as part of God’s intended design, and conflate romantic love with brotherly or familial love.

The entire collection is viewable in PDF form here.

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