I’m not surprised the absurd Church of England says boys can wear tiaras to school. All common sense has been lost in the gender debate

Nov 14, 2017 by

by A N Wilson, Mailonline:

The rolling tide of transgender propaganda continues to gather force. Recently, the retail chain Topshop made clear its changing cubicles are now gender neutral, even though thousands of women feel more secure undressing in an all-female space.

How many people — really how many — feel deeply wounded by the fact there are female changing rooms which are separate from male changing rooms? Could they not, politely and kindly, be told to ‘get over it’?

Meanwhile, it was reported on Sunday that drag queens are being brought into taxpayer-funded nursery schools in London to teach children about sexual and gender diversity.


Nursery bosses believe it will be good for these very young children to meet people who ‘defy rigid gender restrictions’. I would humbly suggest they should be learning to add up and spell words correctly, but there you are.

One could argue that those nurseries are only following the lead of the Scottish government, which recently issued guidance that would permit primary school pupils to change gender without their parents’ permission.

Those of us who have a love-hate relationship with the Church of England, admiring its fundamental principles of Christian worship, but increasingly despairing at its innate absurdity and collective intellectual cowardice, knew it would not be long before it yielded to the current fad.

Sure enough, it has now ruled that in its 4,700 C of E schools new guidelines must be followed on cross-dressing and ‘transgender’ questions.

School uniform is seen to create potential difficulties for ‘trans pupils’ and should, if necessary, be abolished. Boys as young as five should be encouraged, if they wish, to come to school wearing tiaras, tutus and high heels.

There is so much emotional and mental confusion going on here, one really does not know where to begin unravelling it — but let it be said loud and clear that this ludicrous attempt to be kind has already led to unnecessary suffering.

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