Innocence betrayed: The evil of schools where drag queens take over storytime

Feb 26, 2020 by

by Laura Perrins, The Conservative Woman:

THE assault on the innocence and humanity of young children these days is a disgrace. It shows no sign of abating and is being pushed relentlessly by the Left.

One of the ugliest new trends is to bring male adult entertainers into schools and libraries to read to young children. This is known as drag queen reading hour.

These days if you want to spend any time with children, you have to go through endless checks. But if you are a man who likes to dress up as a woman and parody women in a highly sexualised way, then it’s access all areas.

This explains how a drag queen who goes by the name ‘Flowjob’ was invited to read a story to kids aged four up to Year Seven at Glencoats Primary School, Paisley, which he visited along with MP Mhairi Black. Ms Black believes you are homophobic if you object to such a thing. 

Flowjob has regularly uploaded graphic pictures to Twitter, including photos of simulating a sex act with a dildo and simulating oral sex. The drag queen also shared a picture of Ian Beale being throttled by Max Branning on EastEnders, with the caption, ‘I need a Daddy like this.’

Renfrewshire Council, which is in charge of the school, said: ‘The school pupils at Glencoats Primary are currently organising a series of activities and events to mark LGBT history month. In discussion with pupils in their Rainbow Club, one of their requests was to invite people from the LGBT community to hear about their own experiences growing up and they wanted to invited a drag queen to talk to this group to hear about their own personal experience.’

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