Is the BBC biased?

Jun 12, 2018 by

by Craig Byers, TCW:

[…] Perhaps the appeal of LBC over Radio 4 is even easier to explain, though. As Harriet Sergeant commented in response to Roger Mosey’s piece: ‘Political correctness makes for boring radio. That’s why we’re shifting the dial from BBC Radio 4 to LBC.’

On which point, Rod Liddle at The Spectator has another fine piece headlined There are too many women on Radio 4 and they’re always moaning. In it he lists the type of people the social engineers at the BBC, especially Radio 4, don’t create quotas for to ensure proper representation:

  • People who want the UK to leave the European Union – 52 per cent (Source: that referendum we had in 2016)
  • People who think Islam is not compatible with the British way of life – 56 per cent (ComRes poll, 2016)
  • People who disagree with the ‘right’ of gay people to adopt children – 52 per cent (British Social Attitudes Survey 2013)
  • People who think immigration levels to this country are too high – 63 per cent (YouGov poll, 2018)
  • People who think immigration in general has had a negative impact on the UK – 71 per cent (Sky poll for the think tank Demos, 2018)
  • Europeans who want to stop all immigration from Muslim majority countries – 55 per cent (Chatham House, 2017)
  • People who believe Britain is a Christian country – 55 per cent (YouGov poll, 2014)
  • People who think, rightly, that there are just two genders, male and female – 56 per cent (Fawcett Society, 2016)
  • People who do not identify as ‘feminist’ – 93 per cent (Fawcett Society, 2016)

Rod continues: ‘Now, tell me if you think those views are proportionately represented on the BBC, and especially Radio 4? Do you think they are given equal airtime to the less popular liberal standpoints which nonetheless the BBC supports? If so, you have been listening to a very different Auntie from me over the past ten years. In almost every case quoted above, people who express those sorts of views are considered by the BBC to be antediluvian and quite beyond the pale, and the usual discussion to be had is: what can we do to make these morons change their minds?

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