Islamic State is coming to a street corner near you

Jul 16, 2017 by

by Jane Kelly, TCW:

Earlier this week,  Martin Bashir, the BBC Today Programme’s Religious Affairs Correspondent, reported that there is increasing fear among British Muslims about ‘Islamophobic attacks,’ in ‘the light of the recent terrorist attacks.’

That sounded very odd; those terrorist attacks were planned and carried out by British Muslims against the rest of the population. The BBC voice was referring to the attack, now termed a ‘hate crime,’ by a lone nut-case at the Finsbury Park mosque. That is obviously now being lumped into all the rest, including attacks in France, Germany and Belgium, for the purpose of community relations. There is now also a case in east London of a British man committing that most vile and cruel crime of throwing acid into women’s faces. An act most often associated with South Asian men who’ve had their marriage proposals rejected. In India about 300 such attacks a year are reported, in Pakistan 160 on average and until recently such attacks were not treated as a crime.

Because of ‘recent terrorist attacks’ in the UK it seems that the Muslim community here is now in a state of fear. Dal Babu, a former Met policeman who now works for the Muslim Council of GB, said attacks on Muslims were not as high as reported on social media but he pointed pithily to, ‘A contagion of fear.’

After the mosque attack in June, Runa Begum, ‘A lone Muslim woman’, said Bashir portentiously, gained some notoriety by confronting Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid.

‘I had to drop my son off to school and that was scary enough to do.’ She told him. ‘I was like are there any precautions put in after these horrible events. As a mother I fear for my child, not just now but I fear for him growing up in this country.’

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