Islamists and the woke Left are uniting to topple the West

Apr 20, 2024 by

by David Frost, Telegraph:

The first step we must take to fight back against this sinister new movement is to acknowledge it exists.

A new force is emerging in our politics. It’s not the “far-Right populism” that so many seem to fear. Quite the opposite. And the first step to getting to grips with it is to describe it honestly.

Some see the attempt to cancel Nigel Farage at this week’s National Conservatism conference in Brussels as EU globalists cracking down on dissent. I don’t think that’s quite right. No doubt there’s little love for free speech in the EU institutions. But it has to be acknowledged that Alexander De Croo, the Belgian prime minister, spoke against the ban and a top Belgian court eventually overturned it. No, the real pressure seems to have come from elsewhere.

The threat, real or imaginary, from far-Left “anti fascist” demonstrators seems to have played a part. But Emir Kir, the local mayor, justified his ban more on classic woke grounds: the supposed threat from nationalists and conservatives opposed to gay marriage and abortion. Yet Kir himself isn’t particularly woke, more of a machine politician backed by migrant votes. In 2019 he controversially accused the Belgian government on Saudi TV of behaving like Nazis for targeting Muslims in a security crackdown. Kir’s cherry on the top of this was a meeting in 2020 with members of the MHP, a half far-Right half Islamist Turkish nationalist party, which finally saw him kicked out of the Belgian Socialists.

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