Islamists incite murder on our streets . . . no arrests made

Jan 14, 2020 by

by Karen Harradine, The Conservative Woman:

THE response to the assassination of Qasem Soleimani has revealed just how depraved the Quisling tendencies of the Left are. It has also shown how weak our establishment is in standing up to the Islamists among us who mourn for this monster.

Last Saturday the Islamic Centre of England (ICE) organised a vigil in London to mark the death of Soleimani.

During this vigil the chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, Massoud Shadjareh, told more than 2,000 people that they should all aspire to become martyrs like Soleimani and named the West as the ‘enemy’. 

Shadjarah has form. He organises the annual Iranian-sponsored Al Quds day march, where Hezbollah flags were flown until this terrorist group was proscribed last year. In 2013 he advocated ‘jihad in Palestine’ at a demonstration outside the US embassy. 

In a statement thanking those who came to this horror show, ICE director and UK representative of Ayatollah Khamenei, Seyed Moosavi, called those who killed Soleimani ‘the most wicked members of the human race’ and described him as a ‘soldier of Islam’. In response, the Charity Commission said it was ‘assessing the statement’.  I am sure this has Moosavi quaking with fear.

CE also held a commemoration the next day for their ‘martyr’, attended by the Iranian ambassador. 

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