Jihad in Austria: ‘Christians Must Die’

Aug 14, 2023 by

by Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute:

Two young Muslims living in Austria recently confessed that they would like to “kill Christians” and “restore the caliphate.”

The boys, aged 15 and 16, were put on trial at the Leoben Regional Court on July 16, 2023. They had made plans to massacre as many people as possible during an attack on the middle school attended by the 15-year-old, in Bruck an der Mur, where they both lived.

When confronted in court, the boys — who both have a history of violence and criminality— admitted that “We wanted to shoot all the Christians in the class!” Asked how they would have responded if police had intervened, they said, “We would have surrendered” — adding that “Allah would have forgiven” them in prison, since “Killing Christians takes us to paradise.”

Reflecting on the two would-be mass murderers, one article notes:

“They seem completely inconspicuous—a 16-year-old automotive apprentice and his 15-year-old friend from Bruck. But something dark was brewing in their heads. Although they were born in Austria and integrated into society, they have radicalized themselves severely. Their goal: to make Austria a caliphate. For this they also accepted to walk over corpses…. All Christians should be killed.”

Authorities first learned of their plans after they began asking for terrorist related material on radical chat groups.

The court sentenced them to two years’ imprisonment—although they will probably serve only eight months. (The maximum penalty for juveniles is five years.) The court also ordered that they undergo “anti-aggression training and a de-radicalization program” — which, unfortunately, have repeatedly been proven ineffective.

“Incidentally, the 15-year-old set fire to the closed University of Education in Bruck in May 2022,” the article concludes.

The entire incident is a reminder that Austria appears to be sitting on a time bomb. Even though authorities managed to thwart what could have been a tragic massacre of schoolchildren — as they thwarted an earlier one in 2020 — Muslim hostility in Austria continues to grow, suggesting that it might only be a matter of time before a severe terrorist attack or worse overwhelms that nation.

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