Jordan Peterson: Carry Your Cross

Apr 9, 2018 by

by Onar Am, Liberty Nation:

Jordan Peterson is the mild-mannered Canadian professor of clinical psychology who was flung into the limelight of controversy after he stood up against neo-Marxist compelled speech laws in Canada in late 2016. The professional political hitmen of the left descended upon him and thought they had an easy kill. Little did they know that they had stumbled on an intellectual giant.

Through the leftist efforts to “assassinate” his character, they alerted millions of people across the world of his existence. Now he is a YouTube star and his latest book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos has become the biggest Canadian bestseller of all time.

The Great Uniter

The usual suspects formulaically call him “divisive”, “hateful” and “racist.” The opposite is the case. He has managed the impossible feat of uniting people across genders, races, religions, and politics.

Most notably, he has created a new wave of interest in Christianity. Atheists are flocking to his lectures to hear about the psychological significance of the biblical stories, and Christians – including pastors and theologians – are doing the same to learn about the evolutionary underpinnings of morality and divinity.

The Bible Rebooted

Christianity has been losing ground to materialism for a long time. The question has always been how much will be left after the wave of science has washed over religion. Many – certainly so-called progressives – feel that there will be nothing left.

Peterson has shown that there is more to the Bible stories than meets the eyes. A story that is told and retold for thousands of years can only survive if it touches something common and ancient in all humans.

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