Just 6% of Anglican clergy voted Conservative in 2019

Feb 10, 2021 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

A Savanta ComRes poll was published just over a week ago on the political affiliation of Church leaders, and it hasn’t had much coverage. In fact, it doesn’t appear to have any media coverage at all, which is a little odd given the nuggets of insight it offers, not least of which being the fact that ‘Church leaders’ mental health takes a knock during lockdown’. The number of church leaders who said they had poor mental health doubled during 2020, apparently jumped from 7% to 15%. This is very concerning in the Body of Christ: if the mind is sick, the arms and legs are invariably impaired. The main media usually leap on such things as incontrovertible evidence of how bad the Tories have been in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic; how damaging Brexit is for the health of the economy and the essential wellbeing of society; and how Mrs Thatcher’s evil policies still haunt the country.

But more revealing is something tucked away on Table8: “Q4a. Thinking back to the General Election that took on the 12th December 2019, which of the following parties did you vote for, or did you vote for another party?”

Just 6% of Anglican clergy voted Conservative. None in the Church of Scotland voted Conservative, and none in the Church in Wales voted Conservative.

And yet.. (wait for it..)

A whopping 40% of Anglican clergy voted Labour (remember, this was Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party), and 26% voted for the Liberal Democrats.

Now, you may say this isn’t quite the whole picture of clergy political affiliation, because 10% of Anglican clergy “prefer not to say” which way they voted, but (given Jeremy Corbyn’s curmudgeonly character and manifest antisemitism) it is as likely that these 10% included ‘shy’ Corbynites as well as ‘shy’ Tories.

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