Kulturkampf: Britain’s capitulation to cultural Marxism

Sep 18, 2020 by

by Ben Harris-Quinney, Bournbrook:

Hermann Goering said of WWII: ‘The Germans lost the war because the German people have a hard hand but a soft heart, the British people have a soft hand, but a hard heart.’

We are in the grips of a total cultural capitulation to Marxism, imposed not by a groundswell uprising of the workers of the world but by a tiny minority of useful idiots, and an even smaller group of their manipulators.

As Chairman of the world’s oldest conservative think tank, I used to write an article in the advocacy of conservatism every week. I stopped writing with any frequency some years ago, because I didn’t feel that they made any difference against the tide of disinformation and propaganda that now dominates our media and society. Nor do I think writing this will make any difference to what happens, but it may be that this note survives as a record of our tragic decline.

[…] For centuries scientists, anthropologists, and natural historians, all knew that prejudice was a survival function that permeated almost every living thing in known existence. They knew recent theories such as racism were cultural identifications of that natural biological and cognitive process, and that natural inclination would never be completely eradicated from existence, without eradicating existence itself.

Racism was a relatively recent theory that developed from the root of the identification of prejudice. It originally determined that some people treat other people less well for a myriad of reasons, but one may be based upon their race. There was huge societal and historical evidence for this, and for many years it was accepted that the direct practice of treating other races negatively was the practice of racism. This definition of racism and its evils is something that almost every member of Western society abhors, and has done for hundreds of years at least. This abhorrence grew largely from the now derided Judeo-Christian faiths, which preached all men were equal before God.

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